Dutch government to support start-ups in scaling up

The Dutch government will in September this year, commence the Orange Corners Acceleration Programme, to support Ghanaian start-up businesses to scale up.

The initiative, sponsored by the Dutch government, in collaboration with the Ghana Innovation Hub and other partners, is to support young entrepreneurs with the necessary opportunities, skills and access to market and finance, that would guarantee their growth.

The programme, which will run a six months session, seeks to train and support 60 Ghanaian start-ups, through coaching, mentoring, work space, monthly masterclass and international networking.

Ms Sussane Roelofsen, the Project Manager, Ghana Innovation Hub, speaking at a three-day conference, said the initiative serves as a bridge between innovative entrepreneurs and the private sector.

She said the programme would be an entire entrepreneurial ecosystem, which helps to transform start-ups into a business, and provide value for customers, partners and funders.

“The programme will help start-ups find investors and partnership,” she said.

Ms Jinte Veldman, the Programme Advisor in Ghana said, start-ups and their business coaches, would look at opportunities for their business and work towards new market access, by improving operational efficiency and structuring their financials for future investment.

She said the businesses would also be able to make use of the Orange Corners working space in the hub and become part of the international network.

She said by offering entrepreneurs the necessary support, they help businesses identify potential and stimulate growth, which in return, leads to the creation of jobs and economic development.

Mr Richard Yeboah, Project Director, Ghana Innovation Hub told the Ghana News Agency that, young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-35 years are eligible to apply for the programme.

He said during the six months session, 15 companies will get the opportunity to be trained and supported.

He said these companies would be helped to restructure their operations and be investor ready for partnerships.

Source: GNA

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