Public advised on safety measures during floods 

The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA), on Tuesday said one key means of saving lives during heavy rains in the country, is for individuals to be well informed and take full charge of their safety.

Mr Michael Padi, Senior Meteorologist at the GMA in an interview with the GNA said it is of prime importance that everyone made it a point to be well informed on the weather forecast and planned their activities accordingly.

He said, while a number of reasons cause excessive flooding in certain parts of the country during heavy rains, “we all know that is what is currently happening, and always happens during the rainy season.”

Mr. Padi said people living in high risk flooding areas, have to move to safer places, and also move away valuable items which could be destroyed during floods.

He said with pedestrians as well as drivers, the best thing to do whenever it is raining heavily, is to stop moving and find some safe shelter, if moving on proved dangerous in the least.

Mr. Padi cautioned people who use flood prone routes to avoid them during strong and prolonged rains.

The senior meteorologist urged the media and NADMO to always contact the GMA for clarification on weather warnings and all other weather conditions, in order to accurately inform the public, adding that continuous education of the public on safety measures against flooding is key to minimizing casualties.

The senior meteorologist said with the rainy season currently in its peak period, it is important that all persons take extra caution in protecting themselves.

Touching on the rainy season, Mr. Padi said for Southern Ghana, heavy rains were expected till around the middle of June, then by early July there will be a significant reduction with only slight rain or drizzling from time to time, as the season nears its end.

He said moderate to heavy rains would however continue in Northern Ghana, which will taper off to an end around October.

The country is currently experiencing its major rainy season, which is often characterized by heavy flooding in some areas.

A number of people have been reported dead this year, following flooding from rain waters, and several properties destroyed.

Source: GNA

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