Time for peace in Chereponi – President 

President Akufo-Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has called on the people of Chereponi to put an end to conflict and violence as the areas development could not be achieved without peace and security.

He said the time has come for the Chiefs and people of the area to stop the cycle of violence that has plagued the town and lend support for the maintenance of peace and the well-being of the people.

“The Ghana that we are trying to build does not have space for conflict and violence,” the President said on Thursday when he addressed a durbar of the Chiefs and people of Chereponi, at the start of his two-day tour of the newly created North East Region.

“The seizure of lands by Konkombas and Anufors, we should try and stop those things. People have been farming for years, they know who farms on what land. We should try and bring those kinds of incidents to a conclusion. I am appealing through you for peace. Let peace remain here,” he counseled.

President Akufo-Addo said though there are lots of opportunities in Ghana, “but these opportunities will not be there if we continue all these unnecessary conflicts”.

In response to a request from the Paramount Chief of Chereponi, Jaminja Malba Yombu, for the stationing of a permanent security force in the town, the President indicated that “I will take it up with the security chiefs in Accra, and we will try and find the solution. The best solution, however, is that the conflict should come to an end.”

Touching on the report presented by the seven-member committee setup to investigate the recent violence that erupted in Chereponi and parts of the Saboba between the Anufors and Konkombas, President Akufo-Addo stated that the Minister for the Interior was studying the report, and, soon, the report will be made public.

“My presence here today will be a powerful signal to him (Minister for the Interior) that there will be a need to conclude the process, as well as to accelerate the police investigation into the latest incident that has taken place. The consequences of that settlement will pervade the entire country, especially up here in the North,” he stated.

The President was excited about the appeal of the Chereponi Chief for the establishment of a Girls’ College focused on the leaning of Science and French.

“It is a sign of your own enlightenment and progressive nature. There is the request you have made for the upgrading of the polyclinic into a hospital. These requests must become my personal responsibility because my presence here must mean something for you.

“You will be hearing from my office directly on what we can do to bring these things into fruition. I go all around the country but it is only here in Chereponi that I hear a traditional ruler asking for a Girls’ College biased towards Science and French. This means that I cannot forget you,” he said.

President Akufo-Addo told residents of Chereponi about his vision of ensuring that Ghana turns over a new leaf, and applies the abundant resources the nation has been blessed with to transform the country into a nation of prosperity and progress.

“With the present application of our resources, our future is looking very, very bright. We want to make sure that all the peoples of Ghana, without exception, participate in that progress and prosperity of our nation,” he said.

The President Akufo-Addo will conclude his tour of the North East Region on Friday May 17, 2019 with visits to Walewale and Yagaba.

Source: GNA

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