Tumu Hospital records rising cases of blood pressure and diabetes

The Sissala East Municipal Hospital in Tumu has recorded increased cases of blood pressure and diabetes over the past three years which health officials attribute to growing sedentary lifestyle among the populace.

Cases of diabetes started rising from 2016 with 37 reports, according to the hospital staff, but the figure went up, more than double to 79 in 2017 and jumped to 103 in 2018.

The reported cases of hypertension in 2016 at the health facility was pegged at 490, but rose by over 100 percent to 1,259 in 2017 and climbed to 1,892 in 2018.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Tumu, the Sissala East Municipal Health Director, Mr Alex Bapula, expressed worry over the growing cases of hypertension and diabetes and called on the public to be cautious of their lifestyles.

He blamed the upsurge on risk factors like smoking, lack of exercise, rising consumption of fast foods as well as increased alcoholic intake and sugary foods, particularly among young people.

The troubling health situation resulted in many cases, where people pass on within few days after being diagnosed of stroke and high diabetes, he said.

Mr Bapula urged workers whose work involved less movements or activities to exercise more regularly, for instance, by walking few kilometres or cut down alcoholic beverage consumption.

As part of measures to help contain the situation and achieve a universal healthcare, the health directorate will mount public education targeting youth camps in Tumu town.

A diabetic clinic has also been established at the hospital to diagnose and deal speedily with reported cases.

Both public and private sector workers were advised to always take a short break during working hours and do at least 3-minute walk or stretch themselves.

Source: GNA

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