Sissala East MCE advocates greater accountability for effective local governance

The Municipal Chief Executive of Sissala East Assembly, Mr Karim Nanyua, says citizens have unwavering right to demand accountability from public office holders who are equally under obligation to provide information to the people.

“Accountability afford citizens to demand for better governance and service delivery which will intend reduce poverty and better the lives of the people,” he said.

Speaking at a workshop on citizens’ action for accountable governance in Tumu, the MCE urged staff of local government to inculcate the habit of accountability in every aspect of their administration for effective local governance.

He said, the benefits of accountability accruing to government are enormous and therefore any attempt to help in realizing and making it a success should be welcomed.

He added that Ghanaians has the unflinching right to demand accountability from leadership and therefore it was incumbent on public officers to give out relevant information to citizens.

He emphasized that, accountability remains the appropriate social tool for citizens to demand for better governance and service delivery towards poverty reduction.

The Executive Director of Action for Sustainable Development (ASUDEV) Mr. Osman Kanton, said his organization was committed to helping the Assembly to increase participation of citizens in the activities of local government business.

He added that it was important that staff of the assembly understood what the project was about and taking them through the background to the Citizen Action for accountable governance, social accountability and local governance.

ASUDEV with support from Star Ghana Foundation and United Kingdom Aid organized the forum.

Source: GNA

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