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Prices of foodstuff expected to stabilize by end of January 

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Foodstuffs prices at some major markets in Accra are expected to stabilize by end of January as customers are still recovering from expenditures incurred during the Christmas.

A weekly market survey conducted by the Ghana News Agency at some markets revealed that prices of most staple food such as yam, cassava, plantain, onions, tomatoes, corn and cassava dough, maize, beans, rice, gari, among others are experiencing price instability.

At the Kantamanto Market GNA observed that, three tubers of yam which used to be sold at GH₵10.00 is now GH₵20.00, a bunch of plantain which used to be sold at GH₵18.00 now goes for GH₵ 25.00.

The prices of beans has dropped from GH₵ 180.00 per bag to GH₵ 170.00, groundnut paste prices has also decrease marginally from GH₵ 7.00 per tin to GH₵ 6.50

At the CMB market Madam Akua Afriyie a plantain seller told the GNA, that plantain is currently cheaper because it is in season however prices varies. A bunch of plantain which was sold between GH₵ 12.00 and GH₵15.00 is now sold for GHC5.00.

Three medium size tubers of ‘Puna’ yam is sold at GH₵12.00 and four medium size tubers of ‘Araba’ yam is sold at GH₵ 10.00; while a paint bucket corn dough is sold at GH₵ 15.00 instead of GH₵ 20.

Maa Yaa Kodjo a Garden Eggs seller stated; “I have been in this business for four years but the market trend has changed, a sack of garden eggs which was sold at GH₵ 40.00 is now GH₵60.00, but these prices will fall soon when in season”.

At the Agbogbloshi market, Madam Deide Mensah known as ‘one dollar’ and Madam Janet Ofori, tomatoes traders told the GNA that the price of the tomatoes have dropped from GH₵450.00 to GH₵ 400.00 a box.

A sack of onion goes for GH₵ 400.00 and seven pieces being sold for GH₵ 5.00; 100 tubers of yam (pona) goes for GH₵ 550.00, a big size tuber at GH₵ 6.00 and three tubers (small sizes) went for GH₵ 10.00.

A sack of cassava is sold between GH₵ 40.00 and GH₵100.00, depending on the sizes, with four pieces (big sizes) and four tubers (small sizes) sold at GH₵ 5.00 and GH₵ 2.00 respectively.

A bunch of ‘apem’ and ‘apentu” were priced at GH₵ 10.00 each; cereals and grains such as beans, maize, millet, rice and sorghum had also witnessed some fluctuations in their prices in recent days, according Mrs. Fusena Alhassan, Mrs. Beauty Barusu and Madam Christiana Ofosu.

A sack of beans was sold between GH₵ 700.00 and GH₵ 750.00 while an ‘olonka’ went for GHC3.00, a sack of sorghum and millet is between GH₵ 350.00 and GH₵ 400.00. An ‘olonka’ of sorghum and millet was pegged at GH₵ 8.00.

An ‘olonka’ of maize (yellow corn) was sold at GH₵ 6.00 and GH₵ 5.00 for the ‘aburo Ghana’; a sack sold between GH₵ 230.00 and GH₵ 250.00; A 5kg bag of perfumed rice was pegged at GHC25.00 for the low in quality which the high quality sold between GH₵ 35 to GH₵56.00.

A sack of Gari went for GH₵ 300.00; and ‘olonka’ for GH₵ 5.00 whilst Groundnut went for GH₵ 500.00 for the small sack and GH₵ 800.00 for the big sack with the groundnut paste sold for GH₵ 40.00 per ‘olonka’ and a small paint rubber of corn dough went for GH₵ 10.00.

At the Adabraka Market GNA observed that a sack of onion which was sold at GH₵ 700.00 now goes for GH₵ 550.00; Olonka of beans was pegged at GH₵ 10.00; a bucket of Tomatoes at GH₵ 20.00; a sack of Cassava was sold between GH₵ 100.00 and GH₵ 120.00 whilst three or four tubers is sold between GH₵ 2.00 and GH₵ 5.00.

At the Madina Market, Madam Akosua Nyamekye a trader told the GNA that prices have been unstable after the Christmas festivities.

Other markets visited includes; the Tudu, Tema Station, Dansoman, Odorkor, Achimota, Nungua, Tuesday Market, Kaneshie, Kantamanto, Makola, and CMB.

Source: GNA

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