Authority cautions Ghanaians on mental health

The Mental Health Authority has urged Ghanaians to be cautious during this festive season on issues that may directly or indirectly affect their mental health.

“In spite of whatever challenges we might have gone through, within the year, we have every reason to celebrate the goodness of God during Christmas and the New Year festivities.”

A press release issued to the Ghana News Agency, on Monday in Accra, said “as we take stock of our activities over the year, as we count our blessings and our losses in the last twelve months, and how we have progressed or otherwise, some may tend to be fixated on the negatives, the loss of dear ones, the loss of property, missed opportunities, painful defeats, lost relationships and their like, and these could push us into clinical depression.”

It said every crisis or opportunity lost, presents another and perhaps better opportunity waiting to be discovered.

“Drive away negative thoughts with pleasant experiences you have had in the year that brought smiles.  If the negative thoughts are overwhelming and you notice disturbances in your sleep or appetite or you feel tearful, for two weeks or more, please approach your nearest health facility.”

It stated that those who would decide to use alcohol and drugs to drive away their sorrows, it is worth noting that after the effect of the alcohol and drugs, the sorrow would be there, saying it is better to confront the issues using alternative approaches as described earlier.

“To those who will see their blessings and celebrate, Please do but do not overindulge. Drugs are bad, alcohol could be harmful. Tramadol without doctor’s prescription is dangerous. Do not confuse drug for happiness. Do not drink and drive, do not drive and drink.

The statement said there were more road accidents during festive occasions and if one survives a road crash it may end up having mental health problems as a complication. Drive with care.

“Do not let the pressures of the occasion drive you nuts. Keep strong and avoid peer pressure. Spend within your means and be mindful that the next salary can be far away. Reserve some funds for the commencement of the new-year 2019 for the family.”

It stated that love had a relaxing effect as it produced some natural “happiness” hormones, urging all to show love and compassion to the poor and needy this festive season and feel the love of their smile.

It also urged all to take enough rest, relax and maintain their mental and general health. Let’s see ourselves in 2019 alive, physically and mentally healthy.

Source: GNA

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