Bagbin welcomes new NDC Regional Executives

Mr Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin, Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament and leading contender for the 2020 flabearereship of the National Democratic Congress has welcomed all newly elected regional executives of the party.
In an exclusive interview with the Ghana News Agency, the Legislator said the new regional executives of the party were handed a rare privilege to serve their party and country.
“On my own behalf and on behalf of Team Bagbin, I welcome all newly elected regional executives of our great party. Congratulations are in order because your election means our party has faith in your competence. I have faith in your competence too,” Mr Bagbin said.
The Nadowli-Kaleo MP was in his Constituency to cast his vote in the regional executives’ election of the opposition party.
His arrival at the UDS Campus was marked with the same hectic melee that greeted him everywhere he went. Constituents thronged the voting centre to celebrate him in reassurance that he had their support to become the NDC’s next flagbearer.
Amidst the mobbing, happy constituents constantly cat-called Bagbin various names, including, “the incoming President of Ghana,” “the next President of Ghana,” “the coming saviour of Ghana,” among others.
After some 40minutes of mobbing, the Nadowli Kaleo MP managed to extricate himself and headed for the voting booths, where he cast his vote.
“I urge all newly elected regional executives to warm up quickly and settle down so that we can follow up this success story at this regional level at the national level as well. Like I have been advising all this while, they should understand that 2020 is a duty call on all of us to rescue this country from the path of hardships and so every parochial interest must be cast aside.
“They should not sell their conscience to anyone no matter the amount of money given to any of them. They should vote for competent people to assume the mantle of leadership at the national level and then later follow it with the election of a winnable candidate as flagbearer of our party,” Mr Bagbin said.
He praised the successful organisation of the regional elections and said he looked forward to a similar smooth organisation for the National executives’ election and the Presidential primary.
Source: GNA
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