Don’t allow political consideration on decisions – Justice Amegatcher

Justice Nene Amegatcher

Nene Ofoe Amegatcher, a nominee for the position of the Justice of the Supreme Court has stated that any judge who would allow political consideration to influence his decisions is not worth his calling.

“If you know deep down within yourself that you cannot administer your judicial oat without fear or favour, you must not accept the appointment, once you accept it, you must administer the judicial oat”.
Nene Amegatcher made the statement in reaction to a question posed by Mr Alhassan Suhini, Member of Parliament for Tamale North when he sought to find out from Nene the nominee whether the environment judges find themselves was likely to influence their decisions.
Nene Amegatcher had appeared before the Appointments Committee of Parliament to be vetted for the position of the Justice of the Supreme Court.
He is among the four Judges nominated by President Nana Akufo Addo to the position of the Justice of the Supreme Court.
The President on, July 3, wrote to Parliament to announce the nominations to the House to be vetted by the legislature.
Nene Amegatcher also argued that once a person is appointed a judge, he or she should not allow herself to be influenced by anybody.
“I think all of us must begin to do things in the right and proper way” he added.
He called for a delicate balance between the National Communication Authority, which regulates the frequencies and the National Media Commission, which oversees the content of media to enhance freedom of speech in the country.
Earlier, Justice Agnes Abla Dordzie, a nominee for the Justice of the Supreme Court, when she appeared before the appeared before the Appointments  Committee of Parliament justified the present legal regime where there is no limit to the number of Justices at the Supreme.
She said the legal system works better with no limit to the number of Supreme Court Justices.
She said those who have been in the system and risen to the Court of Appeal and to the Supreme Court favour the current system.
“When it comes to empanelling, the larger the number, the better, because you may have to recuse yourself when you have decided a case at the lower court”.
Justice Abla Dordzie also refuted claims that the current number of Justices at the Supreme Court was too large.
“I think the number as we have it, is not too large. It makes vetting easier” she said.
She said capping the number of Justices at the Supreme Court would also handicapped court in its vetting and empanelling.
Source: GNA
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