Tax truck pushers, Tema Mantse urges Ministry of Finance

Nii Adjei Kraku II, Tema Paramount Chief, has urged the Ministry of Finance and the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) to start taxing truck and wheel barrow pushers operating in the area.

Nii Kraku told the Ghana News Agency that even though they made a lot of money, they were exempted from paying taxes and tolls to the Ministry and the TMA respectively.

He therefore urged authorities to put in measures to rob them into the tax net instead of increasing the amount paid by those already in it.

According to him, “Even though they are making lots of money, they are excluded from paying taxes while artisans such as seamstresses and hairdressers are been taxed monthly even though they earn less than the truck pushers”.

He said just as taxis and commercial vehicles have recognized numbers, stations and unions, truck pushers must also be registered and given one for easy monitoring.

Meanwhile, some truck pushers at Tema Community One market confirmed that even though they were working and making money, they did not pay any tax or toll.

They however begged the TMA not to hid to the call of TemaMantse and tax them as according to them, it would worry them as they were not making much as they used to make.

“First, we used to make a lot of money but now it is difficult; getting clients, getting lorry fare to our home towns is even a challenge”

Source: GNA

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