Farmers advised to report Fall Armyworm symptoms to MoFA

Famers have been advised to carry out routine checks on their farms and report immediately any symptoms of the Fall Armyworm (FAW) to Agric extension agents for effective management.

Dr. Felicia Ansah-Amprofi, Director for Plant Protection and Regulatory Services Directorate (PPRSD), said early detection of the FAW was controllable than when allowed to grow.

She gave the advice on Wednesday during a press briefing on the FAW situation in the country in Tamale.

The event was to notify the media to create awareness to farmers on how they can manage the pests in their farm.

Dr Ansah-Amprofi disclosed that a total of 122,297 litres and 7,628 kilos of insecticides were procured and distributed to affected farmers to manage the pests.

According to her a total of 249,054 hectares of maize farm land had been affected and sprayed.

She highlighted on how measures were put in place and indicated that the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) had distributed pesticides to all district offices across the country to be accessed by farmers with FAW infestations.

She said MoFA had shifted focus from synthetic insecticides to bi-rational products to ensure minimum pest resistance.

Dr Ansah-Amprofi assured the farmers that MoFA was fully prepared now and in the long-term to address the effect of FAW in the country.

The FAW is an insect pest native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Americans.

Source: GNA

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