Moroccans in Ghana commemorate 19th anniversary of King Mohammed VI

King Mohammed

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Ghana, has held a ceremony to celebrate the 19th anniversary of His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s accession to the throne.

The event is a renewed opportunity to illustrate the strong symbiosis between the Moroccan people and the throne as well as demonstrates the renewal for the act of Allegiance between the Moroccan people and the Alaouite throne.

It also represents a moment of great importance in the Nation’s life to highlight the valuable gains made during the last years and aspires to more achievements to build a modern and prosperous country, under the ruling of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the glorious symbol of the country’s unity.

Mr Mohammed Faratat, Moroccan Ambassador to Ghana, noted that the 19-year reign had transformed the country in the area of politics and social reforms, built a well-structured economic and socials programmes.

He said during the period Morocco had granted about 7,000 scholarships, to students to study in Moroccan Universities and Schools.

Mr Faratat said over 181 Ghanaian students were pursuing studies in Morocco for the academic year and among them were about 170 students with scholarships.

He said Ghana and Morocco shared the same values and principles regarding the fight against corruption and the respect of individual and collective freedoms, human rights, good governance, combat extremism, terrorism and all kind of transnational criminal activities.

Mr Faratat said plans were far for the two to move up a notch to more ambitious levels including trade, to consolidate progress made in recent times.

“Trade between our two countries does not make the most of the full potential offered by our two complementary economies.

“Both countries urgently need to promote a bilateral economic partnership based on efforts of Moroccan and Ghanaian private sector players, as well as to facilitate efforts to develop and grow existing businesses and capacities, and explore new opportunities in transportation, trade, tourism, mining and energy,” he said.

Mr Kingsly Aboadye-Gyedu, Deputy Minister of Health, stated that Ghana and Morocco traced its longstanding relations to the liberation struggle in Africa and that the friendship reached a significant level in February 2015, with the inauguration of Ghana -Morocco Permanent Joint Commission for Cooperation in Rabat and the official visit by His Majesty the King in February 2017.

He said the visit culminated in the signing of 25 agreements in various fields including agriculture, finance, trade, and industry.

The Minister noted that the volume of trade and level of economic interaction between the two countries although low, seem to be witnessing steady progress in recent times.

“The ambitious economic transformation plan launched by the Government of Ghana has provided a new drive for sustainable economic growth and development of the country, and I hope this will help improve trade and economic activities between our two countries,” he added.

Source: GNA

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