Close season for hunting starts in August – Forestry Commission

The Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission (WD-FC) has announced that the close season for hunting and capturing of wild animals will commence from August 1, 2018 and end on December 1, 2018.

The five months ban is in line with the Wildlife Convention Regulations Legislative Instrument (LI) 685 of 1971 and any person who contravenes any provision of these regulations would be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine. 

A statement issued and signed by Nana Kofi Adu Nsiah, Executive Director of the WCD-FC explained that the ban was among the measures adopted to regulate the utilization and curb the decline of wildlife resource in the country and ensuring sustainable use of the resource whilst at the same time serving as a respite for the animal during this breeding period.

It said during the period, the only specie of animal that could be hunted was grass cutter but with a valid license by Wildlife Division.

The statement noted that the country was rich in natural resources and offered real opportunities to improve the livelihoods of the citizens. 

It said the role and contribution of wildlife to the country’s development had been phenomena and the increased animal population in protected areas promotes ecotourism destinations attracting tourists’ world over.

The statement said wildlife tourism could provide a strong economic incentive for wildlife conservation by being a major long-term source of jobs and income for local people.

It mentioned that the protected areas include the Mole National Park, near Damongo in the Northern Region, Shai Hills Resource Reserve in the Greater Region, Kakum and Ankasa Conservation Areas in Central and Western Regions.

It said the protected areas continue to play strategic role in Ghana’s tourism subsector of the economy by creating leisure, ally of direct and indirect job opportunities, whilst at the same time providing immense environmental services to mankind.

The statement said the country was amongst other African nations that were poised to benefit from a period of economic growth through sustainable ecotourism boom. 

It said the current experiences have shown that unsustainable utilisation of our natural resources has not only damaged the environment, but also reducing productivity and the value of our wildlife.

The statement called for the need to halt the fast decline and reversed it to sustain the nations’ heritage and livelihood. 

It appealed to the public, particularly hunters, to temporarily stop their activities during the close season and also be circumspect during the open season.

The statement urged the public especially, the security agencies to support in enforcing the “Close Season” ban.

Source: GNA

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