Women must lead the path in choosing career of children – Career Analyst

Parents, especially mothers have been advised to lead the path in choosing careers for their children.

Dr Martha Anang, a career analyst, said parents needed to show keen interest, guide and counsel their children in choosing their preferred careers even though both the child and the teacher equally had important roles to play.

Dr Anang, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dominion Leaders Foundation, said this at the fifth Speech and Prize Giving Day and Graduation of the Career Development International School (CDIS) in Mankessim.

She said it is suicidal for couples to give birth without settling on what career or profession that they would want their unborn children to pursue.

Speaking on the theme: “Career path, who models the way: Parent, teacher or child”, Dr Anang said choosing a career for a child should be a collaborative effort from parents, teachers and the children themselves.

She said career choice was a process which should start from the developmental level to shape people to fit into the world of work and its awareness should not wait until the higher level of their education.

She said this has not been fully understood in country as the practice had always been that people begun to think about choosing a career at their higher levels of education.

This, she said, has created a huge gap between education and career and had ultimately contributed to the high rate of unemployment in the country.

Dr Anang said it is the responsibility of parents to give their children education and urged them to remain resolute in honouring that responsibility.

She urged parents to constantly seek the welfare of their children by providing guidance in all aspects including spiritual guidance.

“As parents, you need to monitor and identify the specific talents of your children and then support them. Pay particular attention to details of what your children do but don’t be too strict on them, that will make them timid,” she advised.

Mr Joseph Franklin Anderson, Headmaster of the school said the school continually runs in-service training for its teachers to enhance their capacity thus recorded 100 per cent in the 2016/2017 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

The school which started with less than 100 pupils in 2014 now has more than 400 pupils.

Pupils who performed exceedingly well in the academic year were honoured.

Source: GNA

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