Palestine blames Israel for unrest in Middle East

Dr Mahmoud Sudqi Al-Habbash (Left)

Dr Mahmoud Sudqi Al-Habbash, Palestinian President’s advisor for religious affairs and Islamic relations has blamed Israel for the political tension in the Middle East especially in the Palestine territory.

Dr Mahmoud who is on a state visit to Ghana said the situation in the Middle East had become critical due to the failure of the Israeli government to respect peace agreement between the Palestine and the Israelis.

‘Many years of negotiations and many years of attempt to achieve real peace in the Middle East, but unfortunately without any results because till now the Israeli government has failed to start a real negotiations with clear references or deadlines,” Dr Mahmoud opined.

Speaking at a News briefing in Accra, he said the Palestine government had shown all commitments to ensure that there was peace between both countries, but the Israeli government had failed to comply.

“The relationship in the Middle East in general is so critical especially in Palestine because for more than 70 years Palestine is under Israeli occupation. Many decades the Palestinian people have suffered the impact of the occupation,” he said.

“We started a peace process with Israel after many decades of conflicts and struggle. In 1988 the Palestinian National Council decided to recognise Israel and to start a peace process all that to achieve real and comprehensive peace in the Middle East.”

“But since then Israel didn’t even accept to recognise the right of the Palestine people to have its own state. We accept a solution between the Palestinians and the Israelis depending on the two state solution.”

Dr Mahmoud added that, Israel again breeched the 1993 Oslo agreement between the two parties which would have the Palestinian Authority to establish a Palestinian state. 

“Unfortunately we couldn’t because Israel till date failed to commit to the resolve of the agreement, and failed to recognise the rights of the Palestinian people to have its own state.”

He called on the International Community to make firm decisions to impose the two parties to accept the resolutions in their agreements.

He said Ghana has always recognised the right of Palestinians and has supported the Palestinian state at the International Community.

“Ghana voted for Palestine in 2012 to change the position of Palestine at the UN and to recognise the Palestinian state. Ghana also voted for Palestine at the Human Rights Council. We highly appreciate this relationship and also highly appreciate the position of Ghana for the right of Palestine people.”

As part of his schedule in Ghana, Dr Mahmoud will meet President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to hand over a letter of warm expression from of Palestine President to him.

Source: GNA

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