Women in the Media react to Midland Bank assault

The Association of Women in the Media (ASWIM) has requested that investigations showing the barbaric assault on a woman be made public and dealt with swiftly as justice delayed is justice denied.

A video the association sighted on social media showing the barbaric assault on a woman reportedly in Midland Savings and Loans banking hall to withdraw money she lodged there.

The reports indicated that she was asked to leave the bank to return the following day but refused because she needed her money badly to provide for her family.

The association had since been highly detested by the action of the policeman who had reportedly taken unlawful powers to himself by virtue of his police uniform to abuse the unfortunate woman regardless of the fact that she had done nothing to be molested.

The association was surprised that she was assaulted by a supposedly peace officer when all she demanded was to withdraw her money from the bank.

She was already in the banking hall and it was imperative that she would be served. Unfortunately, when someone decided to intervene, he took the baby from her arms and left her in the hands of the policeman to continue to assault her.

This was disclosed in a statement signed by Madam Mavis Kitcher, the Interim President of the association and copied to the Ghana News Agency on Saturday.

She stated that, ‘It is unbelievable that the bank would slow a poor powerless woman to be treated in such a brutal manner if indeed, she was only there to withdraw her money’, adding that, anyone who has watched this video should be very worried about what the Ghanaian society is turning into.

Madam Kitcher said it was even more heart-rending with the fact that such an inhuman act could occur in the full glare of workers of the bank and the public.

She added that the incident and others which had happened in the past involving police officials clearly indicated the need for persons of the Police Service to be constantly educated in understanding their role as peace officers and not bullies by virtue of their uniform.

The association had found difficulty as to why workers of the bank and other customers in the banking hall did not go to the rescue of the woman with a baby in her arms.

“Let this not be another matter that cause mere public condemnation but one that would ensure that the justice system would play the key role and punish one who is found culpable”.

Source: GNA

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