We are yet to receive official documentation on GFA – Registrar of Companies PRO

Madam Constance Takyi, Public Relations Officer of the Registrar of General Department, has said, they are yet to receive any official documentation that grants them the mandate to initiate the process of liquidating, which also involves the control of assets owned by the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

Last week an Accra High Court, appointed the Registrar of Companies as the official liquidator for GFA, after granting an application by the Attorney General, which restrains members and executives of the GFA from holding themselves such and carrying out any official work.

The decision by the court, puts the Registrar of Companies in-charge of all assets of the GFA, whilst the substantive case of the liquidation is being heard by the courts.

But the PRO of the Registrar of Companies, Madam Takyi in an interview with the GNA Sports, stated that, they don’t know the next line of action, since they have not received any form of official documentation from the authorities.

“We have not yet received the judgement. Our action would be dependent on the judgment, we would receive from the court and till that is done, we would not commence any form liquidation process involving the GFA,” she stated.

The Attorney General has since the airing of the Anas Expose, being involved in the process of dissolving the GFA.

This resulted in a ten-day interim injunction of the GFA and all football related activities, which was extended last week.

Source: GNA

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