WAEC yet to release 2018 WASSCE results in Ghana

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has appealed to the Public to disregard rumours that it has released results of the 2018 WASSCE examinations.

“The West African Examinations Council wishes to inform its stakeholders that it is yet to release the results of the WASSCE for school candidates, 2018 in Ghana.

Members of the public are urged to disregard rumours circulating in the media that the results have been released.”

In a statement signed by Mrs Agnes Teye-Cudjoe, Deputy Director, Public Affairs, said WAEC would duly issue a statement announcing the release of the results after all post-examination processes have been completed.

Source: GNA

  1. Barnie koduah says

    when will they release the results

  2. Naya says

    The date for the release of the results should be made known to all. Please make sure your body avoids any false leakage of dates because it’s not nice at all. Causing these students to be having heart attacks at tender ages.
    Thank you very much for cooperating and may your body continue to do its work effectively.

  3. Abdul-Salam says

    Inform me when it is out

  4. lizzy says

    When are they going to release the wassce 2018 result in Ghana

  5. Hibbah says

    Please kindly notify me when the results are out

  6. Appiah Wisdom says

    when will we see the result because the rumours are becoming on becoming.

  7. Millicent says

    please try to be giving us correct informations my brother went to check it for me but to our surprise it’s not yet out. In fact I was afraid thinking that something had happened yet to know now that it’s not yet release in Ghana. Thank God! Please inform me when it’s out. Thanks

  8. Ahmed says

    since the awaiting form deadline is 31st July, can you still apply awaiting forms whiles the results are out

  9. Mic says

    About how many days left for the release?

  10. Bradbury Bliss Simon says

    I want the actual date that the result will be out

  11. Prince Mensah says

    Waec Ghana should do everything possible to release the result ,it has given us heart attack and even if the date is known it would be good. Not forgetting that Waec told us 45days after the exams and here we are is more than that Waec pls

  12. Qhofi Junior says

    Waec please we are waiting for our result..

  13. Tetteh Joseph says

    The 45 days is over now. We have not had any news yet.

  14. Aboagye Eric says

    please you should make known of the date to release the result .Some students are apparently getting heartaches because of the rumours.

  15. Ayiku simon says

    On what date will the result be released

  16. RG Drx says

    You Got Different Excuses When You Are Not Doing The Right Thing At The Right Time

  17. Joseph says

    I don’t even understand, Even Nigeria with over 1.5m candidates has released theirs, how much more Ghana with only 300 thousand

  18. Tigremi Ugurunjah says

    Oh my Please let us know the date if not some of us are dying
    because we head the results is released but we cannot also get access to our
    it even brought some fear that the results are cancelled.
    so please my God bless you so that you would release it on time for us

  19. Christina says

    Can you please let me know when the results will be out. These results will really give me a heart attack, thanks

  20. Obofopa Focus says

    I was elated when I heard that the results are in but later I was depressed because it was not true.Even Nigeria has finished making theirs who is over populated.Waec we want rectify date for the release of the results not blunder date.Thanks

  21. Desmond k. Appiah says

    You keeping us in suspense
    kindly inform us on the exact date that the results will be officially out

  22. Doe says

    Waec talk to us pls

  23. Quacoo justice says

    How is the percentage of Ghana’s result

  24. Joseph Mensah says

    Pls notify me wen the are in

  25. Eric says

    Ghanaians always delay time. How can we write the same exams with other countries and release theirs than us. Official must do something seriously about dat

  26. shelter says

    It will be released by Friday. Teye Cudjoe was interviewed yesterday and she said it

  27. Martin says

    So when it be release

  28. Nana kwaku prempeh says

    Please can the WAEC officials come to alert we students ….ont on the exact date they will release our results …our parents are s. Are asking for the results and we don’t know what to. Tell them

  29. paacobbie says

    OK please notify me when they release it .For waec they will kill us young.

  30. Mic says

    On which date and time would the results be released? Waec please answer us.

  31. benjie says

    Waec why please let us know when our results will be releases why it has kept long too much…

  32. Arthur Philip says

    Please why all these delays, we have been anxiously waiting for our results for a long time now. Please give us the exact date of the release of the results.

  33. Godwyn says

    When ‘ ll the result be out? Kindly notify me when its out.Thanks

  34. Daniel Adu-Gyamfi says

    Good morning. Ghana we like delay to much .You want something to happen to the kid’s before you do the right thing ? Why ? 45 days is gone .what are you waiting for ? Please.

  35. BRONI JAMES says

    my fellow colleagues please relax for waec….our results will surely be inn soon but you must know that briefing, marking and compelling of results is not an easy tax ok…please exercise patience…we must try to understand the law of growth compare to our daily life…it’s all about patient..


    Please can the WAEC make known to us when they are releasing the results because most people are making things harder to us by giving us wrong dates and impressions…THANK YOU

  37. elisha says

    pls waec de 45 days iz over.

  38. obed tagoe says

    Please the rumors are becoming something altogether and people are wasting money in purchasing result checker card. Please notify me when the results are released.

  39. obed tagoe says

    please when will the results be released.

  40. Maxwell says

    WAEC please release the results to us cos you keeping us in suspense….. We have waited for a very long time

  41. Mic says

    Waec speed up.
    We need are results.

  42. Mic says

    Waec we need our results.when would it be release?

  43. Isaac says

    When will the massive 2018 results be released.

  44. Hajia says

    Pls waec the 45days is over now… Pls release the results for as

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