Universities Presidential Charter process being expedited – Akufo-Addo

President Akufo-Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Saturday disclosed that Government is taking steps to expedite the process for granting Presidential Charters to tertiary institutions in the country.

He said the undue period associated with the granting of a Presidential Charter for both public and private universities, would be a thing of the past as Cabinet has approved recently, the establishment of the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission to regulate all universities in Ghana.

Speaking at the 14th graduation ceremony of the Ashesi University, one of Ghana’s highly rated tertiary educational institutions, President Akufo-Addo said with the imminent establishment of the Commission, applications by private universities would be expedited and those deserving of Presidential Charters would be granted one.

The granting of the Presidential Charter would make such institutions independent degree awarding universities. They would cease to be affiliated to other higher institutions of learning before awarding their certificates.

The President, who at the graduation ceremony, granted the Ashesi University with its Presidential Charter, said all public and private tertiary institutions, because of their contributions to education and learning in the country, would be treated fairly and equally when they made request for a Charter change.

He applauded the Ashesi University for its distinctive world-class educational standards and identity, and expressed the hope that the receipt of the Charter would inspire the institution to continue to operate with the same discipline and commitment quality which had made graduates of that university stand out in the world of work across the globe.

Passing on good wishes to the graduates, the President told them to reflect at all times the quality of the Ashesi brand and to make their mark in all spheres of endeavour.

“Ladies and gentlemen, identity matters, who you are matters, where you come from matters. An Ashesi degree should stand for something distinctive, and it should be different from other degrees. The surroundings, in which you have been taught, and the way you have been taught, should help to present the products of this institution as distinguishable from those of other universities.

“Each one of you, that carries an Ashesi degree, represents the remarkable Ashesi story that needs to be told over and over again, to ensure you are never tempted to stray from what the Founder and the President, Patrick Awuah, has created here,” he said.

He continued, “Ashesi does not cut corners, does not settle for the mediocre, and insists on long-term good quality. All students that bear the Ashesi name and that carry an Ashesi degree must shoulder the full weight of the investments made by Patrick Awuah, and do justice to the Ashesi story in all they do.

“I am glad that his efforts are being recognized and praised around the world, and I am proud to share in his glory as a Ghanaian, he said, urging the Ashesi graduating Class of 2018, to “always to keep in your mind that you will be judged by the high standards set by your University.”

“Class of 2018, as you set out into the world, I hope you will carry your identities as an Ashesi man or woman, and as a Ghanaian with pride. You may be engaged in building an enduring company, engaging a social cause, or developing a breakthrough technology that lifts Africa up. Whatever you do, remember the importance of doing it for love of country,” the President added.

He announced, to rapturous applause by the university’s community, that Government was seeking funds for the construction of the Dome-Brekusu-Kitase road, which lead to the institution.

In 2018, after a rigorous review of Ashesi’s curriculum, finances, governance and infrastructure by the National Accreditation  Board, the  Presidential Charter was granted the educational body, making the University a full-fledged independent degree-granting institution.

This means, Ashesi University would no longer award degrees through an affiliate university, as all private universities are required to do until they receive a Charter.

The 16 year old institution, established by Ghanaian engineer, educator, and entrepreneur, Patrick Awuah Jn., is the fourth and youngest private university in Ghana to be awarded a Presidential Charter.

The school currently has some 870 students from 21 African countries, with over a 1000 alumni working across the world.

Source: GNA

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