I will resign if I’m sidelined – Cynthia Lamptey

Cynthia Lamptey

Ms Cynthia Naa Koshie Lamptey, the nominee for Deputy Special Prosecutor, has warned that she would resign from her position if she is sidelined.

“If I should face something of that sort I will resign because I wasn’t put there just for cosmetic sake. I was put there to work. I cannot be a puppet over there”.

Ms Lamptey gave the warning when she appeared before the Appointments Committee of Parliament for vetting for the new position.

The nominee who was the former acting Director of Public Prosecutions at the Attorney General’s Department, worked with Mr Martin Amidu when he was the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, comes to the new job with 29 years’ experience as a public prosecutor.   The Office of the Special Prosecutor was established by President Nana Akufo-Addo to deal with corrupt public officials.

Ms Lamptey also stated that she was prepared to undertake all roles assigned to her by Mr Amidu in order to ensure the success of the Office if she was approved by Parliament.

He said her knowledge of Mr Martin Amidu’s work ethics makes it easy for her to be able to work with him effectively at the new anti-graft agency.

“Thankfully I worked with him when he was Deputy Attorney General and when he became Attorney General too I worked with him. He is a workaholic so if he gives you work and you do it that is it. I wouldn’t sit here and go to an office where I will be given work and I wouldn’t do it. Because one day when he is not there, the work comes to you as the deputy. So I will do everything that I’m asked to do,” she added.

Ms Lamptey also vowed to fight the canker of conflict of interest in Ghana’s Public Service if she was confirmed.

She said as a commitment to dealing with the menace she would not employ any relative or person likely to compromise her position on the conflict of interest situation.

She was of the opinion that the Office of the Special Prosecutor should not face such challenges as with the Attorney General’s office as it existed now for smooth delivery of service.

The Deputy Special Prosecutor nominee when asked if she would recommend jailing of public corruption offenders responded that with the calibre of officials at her outfit there would be proper scrutiny of all cases for the possible sanctions, jail term inclusive, before forwarding the case to the law court.     

Source: GNA

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