Media urged to report on effects of plastic waste pollution

Panelists at the 2018 Earth-Day Forum have urged the media to publicise the dangers that plastic waste pollution posed to the citizenry as an effective start of a mass campaign against the menace.

They said the move would not only inform the public of the harm posed by plastic waste, but also help to contribute towards finding a lasting solution to the problem.

The Annual Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, on the theme: “Eradicating Plastic Pollution”.

Mr Venan Sondo, a Technical Advisor for Hipsters of Nature, a non-governmental organisation creating awareness on waste management and climate change, said private entities must help tackle the problem, which could be a big business opportunity.

Interested parties should, however, prepare very attractive portfolios with well laid out plans to get the attention of ‘rich investors’.

Mr Michael Balinga, a Biodiversity Conservation Specialist, with a USAID funded West Africa Biodiversity Climate Change Programme, noted that recycling alone would not completely solve the menace, as only 10 per cent of plastics could be recycled.

The country, he said, should consider ideas to eradicating plastic pollution such as building houses, boats, and other structures with plastic waste.

Miss Cordie Aziz, the Founder of Environment360, an environment NGO which creates incentives for collecting waste for recycling, said the environment was connected to the health of the people and there was the need to keep it clean.

She urged the public and corporate entities to start segregating wastes to facilitate the recycling process.

Mr Rafael Dry, a Pastor, encouraged churches to preach the “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” message to sensitise their members on making their environments clean.

Nana Baah Wiredu, a Sanitation Expert, said the youth and school children must be groomed to volunteer for environmental friendly programmes.

The programme was sponsored by the USAID, Ghana Recycling Initiative by Private Enterprises (GRIPE) and Earth Day Network with Afia Beach Hotel, Environment360, Plastic Punch, Hipsters of Nature, and Al-Rayan International School as partners.

Source: GNA

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