Some 7,000 outstanding TIN applications to be cleared by GRA

Mr Peter Elolo Darrah, Chief Revenue Officer of Ho Small Tax Office of the Ghana Revenue Authority has said about 7,000 applications for the Tax Identification Number (TIN) are outstanding to be cleared soon.

He assured all applicants would be served as the challenge of fibre optic connectivity with the national server, which sometimes fluctuates, improves.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr Darrah said TIN would be demanded for opening new bank accounts, acquiring or renewing driving licenses and passports.

He said employees on government payrolls needed the tax identity number as a prerequisite for processing of salaries and advised individuals and corporate entities to comply.

The Chief Revenue Officer said TIN would be synchronized into the National Identification system as the economy is finally digitised.

“TIN offers a tax accounts and a platform for ready verification and reconciliation of tax processes.”

He said the awareness creation clinics being run in the country to shore up public patronage of TIN ends today but GRA offices would be open for registering prospective applicants going forward. 

He reminded residential and shop or business structure landlords to pay regularly taxes on rents, which is pegged at eight and 15 percent, respectively, to avoid being penalised or incarcerated for tax evasion.

Mr Darrah envisaged collaboration with Municipal and District Assemblies, who are the sole proprietors of data on property development to boost rent tax collection.

He anticipates that a more compelling and restrictive measures would be deployed to capture all prospective tax payers in the long-run, even in the remotest part of the country.

Source: GNA

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