CPP needs results oriented leadership to annex power in 2020 – Executives

The Constituency Executives of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) in Cape Coast North and South have said there is the need for the party to reinvigorate the rank and file for electoral victory in 2020.

They said the party would only win political power if its leaders demonstrate credibility and do not compromise their positions to break the monotony of the two main political parties in the country.

Addressing a news conference organised by some concerned members to express its concerns, Mr Ato Maclean, the Central Regional Secretary spokesperson for the group, said “the party needs determined, tried and tested leaders to provide inspirational leadership and help in raising the consciousness of the people to believe in themselves.”

He said “the lack of inspirational political leadership and low consciousness among the people are the major obstacles to the party’s development”.

Mr Maclean said it is pathetic that party members and sympathisers of the CPP elected their leaders to wrest power during general election only to compromise their positions for monetary gains.

He said there was despondency with people looking outside their domain for instant solutions to their problems, saying “we must realise that we alone can make the positive changes we look forward to in our lives under the banner of inspirational leadership of the party.”

Mr Maclean said the youth who constitute the largest proportion of the population are frustrated since they see no future for themselves.

In that regard, he said, “we have decided to appeal to an old guard with a vision to help groom a new breed of youthful but highly qualified politicians to take over the administration of the party.”

The group suggested Madam Araba Bentsi-Enchill, young pioneer during Dr Nkrumah’s era who had never departed from the noble principles even after the events of 1966, saying “we believe that this person has the right credentials and political credibility in our party – having served in various capacities in our party hierarchy.”

They said the party believes in the capabilities of women therefore she would not waiver in her commitment to the party or get easily dissuaded by political foes.

They called on all to rally behind Madam Araba Bentsi-Enchill to contest for the Chairmanship slot to lead a dynamic campaign to woo electorates to vote for the CPP in elections.

He said the CPP remains the only party capable of reconciling Ghanaians because it is the only party that advocates and demonstrates commitment to building Ghana into “one nation with one people”.

“The CPP remains the only party with a strong appeal to the people because of its history and predicted that many Nkrumaists who have strayed from the party would rejoin it.

He said the CPP, the only credible political party that could help the country to realise its full economic potentials was tired of remaining in opposition and cautioned that this time around true CPP faithful would not allow that to happen.

Source: GNA

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