Mahama’s Family must tell us the truth – Bawa Ustaz

Former President John Mahama

Mr Ustaz Bawa, New Patriotic Party Tema East aspiring Nasara Coordinator has called on former President Mahama and his family to tell Ghanaians whether he would be contesting for the Presidential slot or not.

He said although the former President’s family said several months back that he would not contest again, there were current signs that he could rescind his earlier decision.

“As indications boldly point to the fact that former President John Mahama will likely contest the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)’ flagbearer ship race in a bid to lead the NDC into the 2020 election, an earlier promise that had been made that he would not run for President again is beginning to look like a deliberate lie.

“Was the announcement of retirement from election meant to make all of us complacent so that he would catch all of us unawares or it was a hasty and fitful conclusion that had been brought on by the humiliating defeat in 2016?”

Mr Bawa who was speaking to Journalists after his vetting to contest the Nasara Post, further queried whether President Mahama deliberately set up his family to lie to Ghanaians.

It would be recalled that immediately after the 2016 election in which President Mahama lost by a margin of almost 1million votes to President Akufo-Addo, Ibrahim Mahama, President Mahama’s younger brother said that his brother would not run for President again.

In a widely publicised interview, Ibrahim said that his family had impressed on President Mahama not to run again for the Presidency.

The announcement seemed to have emboldened many of the flagbearer hopefuls that are lacing their boots for the party’s upcoming flagbearership race in November.

Ahead of that, former President Mahama is said to be on the ground preparing to run.

“If President Mahama is really preparing to run, then it is dishonesty that he and his family had given the opposite indication immediately after the 2016 election. As a former President, it’s unbecoming to dabble in such trickeries,” Mr. Bawa said.

Mr Bawa said President Mahama owed every Presidential aspirant in the NDC an apology because it was his indication of intent to walk away from the Presidency that encouraged them to come out and declare intent to run for the slot.

“I don’t expect President Mahama to run again because if he does, it will be such a demonstration of power lust. But if he has any intent of doing so, then he must apologise to all the people lacing up for the race and Ghanaians in general.” Mr. Bawa said.

Source: GNA

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  1. Roger says

    It is none of business,if Mahama has rescind his decision and wants to contest on the NDC ticket in 2020 is the party your party?Be concerned about leads your NPP not our party flagbearer faithful, Mahama,ok

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