I can’t live in harmony with criminals – Amidu

Special Prosecutor nominee, Martin Alamisi Amidu on Tuesday said upon his approval, he would deal with corruption fairly and impartially and stop the leakages and seepages of public funds.

“I accepted this job for the love of the country and to stop the political elites from siphoning the country’s money abroad.

“If you’re my brother, I will deal with you, even if I have to hire a lawyer for you I will do it”.
Mr Amidu gave the assurance when he appeared before the Appointments Committee of Parliament for vetting.

He said one of the ways to limit the spate of corruption in the country was to put in place mechanisms to close the financial leakages in the public service, adding that; “I will continue to fight corruption whether my appointment is approved or not”.

The nominee said he would try to be impartial as possible and be the moral compass and gatekeeper “so that nobody will say that the axe is cutting one way”.

Asked how he would deal with powerful cabals in government, he said, if anybody commits corruption offence, he would not be seen as a member of any political party, but would be viewed as a suspected criminal.

“Crime is crime, without political correlation and that is how the Office is going to supervise if am approved.
“As I have said earlier, the fact that you know me and you come to talk to me about it, I may order your arrest because under Section 239 of the Special Prosecutor’s Act, trying to directly or indirectly influence the Special Prosecutor as a Public Officer is corruption,” he warned.

Mr Amidu noted that, he would not live under the control of anybody and would not allow the Board of the Special Prosecutor’s Office to usurp his prosecutorial and independent investigative powers. 

He, however, gave the assurance that, he would work with the Board and appoint independent and like-minded persons to work with, saying; “I accepted the nomination to try to eradicate corruption and hoping to work with the team to succeed”.

Mr Amidu said as a constitutional defence advocate, he would live by the Legal Ethics and Principles of the Constitution and would not be vindictive, but allow the law to work.  

The nominee said his aim as the Special Prosecutor was to establish a credible institution with a credible culture, saying; “If we succeed in establishing such an institution with a credible culture to rid corruption, we will not need foreign aid’’

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo nominated Mr Martin Amidu as the Special Prosecutor on January 11, 2018, to deal with public sector corruption.

The nominee is subject to approval by the Appointments Committee of Parliament after vetting.
The Special Prosecutor Act mandates him to carry out the responsibility of independently fighting corruption.

He will also have full authority to initiate investigations into all suspected corruption-related offences of all persons in the public service if approved by Parliament.

Source: GNA

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