Salaries for Police an insult – NDC member

Mr Stephen Ashitey Adjei, an executive member of the Tema East branch of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has denounced the treatment of the Ghana Police Service.

He said their occupational hazards and conditions of service was a travesty justice and a big mismatch.

Mr Adjei, popularly known as Mo Shake, who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency on recent attacks on the police in various parts of the country said poor numerations accounted for low morale to fight crime.

“How can you pay a Constable about GH¢ 800.00 a month and send him out to face armed robbers in the night? The poor remuneration that the Police endure is what constrains them to demand bribes,” Moshake said.

The NDC executive member pointed out that poor remuneration was just a tip of the iceberg as there were other factors such as poor accommodation.

“You only have to visit any Police barracks in any part of the country and see for yourself, there is practically no difference between the rooms that the Police occupy and the cells that they keep criminals in”

According to him, the conditions of service of the Police personnel were more atrocious considering the fact that politicians enjoyed juicy salaries and luxurious conditions of service.

“In addition to huge monthly salaries of not less than GH¢ 10,000 a month for Deputy Ministers, Politicians also enjoy ex-gratia when they leave office.

“When article 71 office holders, including the President, retire, their benefits are more than the salaries that an average Police officer will take throughout his career. But the Police man who is paid an insult, is the one who guides the article 71 office holder and must brave dangerous situations, including skirmishes with armed robbers to ensure the safety of the big men.“This is not fair,” Moshake added.

He called on government to as a matter of equity and fairness to scale up the conditions of service of the Police, starting with increment in their salaries as they go through so much emotional and psychological pain in attempt to access their pensions.

The NDC executive member’s concern comes in the wake of the gruesome murder of a Police officer at Kwabenya by armed robbers who had carried out an operation to spring their colleagues out of a cell.

Inspector Emmanuel Ashielevi was shot in cold blood at the station on that fateful night as the latest in a long streak of Police personnel who have fallen victim to murders at the hands of criminals, Mr. Ashilevi’s colleagues have since threatened to stage a demonstration against the government over the inadequacy of safety for Police officers. 

“The entirety of the Police conditions of service needs an overhaul”.

Source: GNA

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