Akuapem chieftaincy dispute deepens

Nana Otubuor Djan Kwasi (Middle)

A seven member committee set up by the Akuapem traditional council to adjudicate in the recent chieftaincy crisis, has step aside, following the take-over and desecration of the Okuapeman palace by National security apparatus.
News broke on Thursday morning that national security apparatus had taken over the Okuapeman palace at Akropong, claiming that, they had received information that some weapons had been kept at the palace to cause mayhem in the wake of the chieftaincy dispute and in the process arrested two chiefs and broke into the bedroom of the late Okuapehene, Nana Addo Dankwa.
The two chiefs included; the Tufuhene of Akropong, known in private life as George Darko, the legendary musician who lives at the palace and the Asonahene, Nana Kwasi Omenako who were both sent to the Eastern Regional police Command for questioning.
Addressing a News conference at Aburi, the Chairman of the committee, the Adontehene of the Akuapem traditional area and Chief of Aburi, Nana Otubuor Djan Kwasi, said “refusal of the Krontihene and acting President of Akuapem traditional council, Osahene Offei Kwasi Agyeman to convene a meeting to discuss among other things the desecration of the palace coupled with other things which have been unfolding in the past weeks has necessitated our decision to set back”
He said the arrest of the two chiefs who live in the palace and the level of desecration of the late Okuapehene’s palace and ransacking of the rooms of two sons of the late Okuapehene in search of weapons which were not found “have contributed to our final decision to step back for the necessary steps to be taken to resolve the crisis”.
According to the Chairman, they had been made aware that some kingmakers and other prominent chiefs had been giving information to national security and views that the issue was being politicised and that lives of the members of the committee were in danger because of the verbal and written attacks visited on them.
He noted that, but for the turn of events, which in their view was an affront to the mandate of the committee, within December-January, the committee had met all those who matter in the enstoolment of an Okuapehene including; the Okuapehemea Nana Afua Nketia Obuo, the other King makers led by Nana Osim Kwatia Amanokromhene and Gyasehene of the Akuapem traditional area.
Others, he said were the Abusuapanin of the Sakyiabea royal family, Dr Nana Obuobisa Newman, the elders of the royal family, except the Krontihene and acting President of the Akuapem traditional area and therefore would have made headway.
The Akuapem chieftaincy crisis started a few weeks ago, when instead of one royal, two royals were said to have been confined by the divided kingmakers and were adored at the same day, causing mayhem and confusion at Akropong.
In order to ensure sanity and a quick resolution of the impasse, the traditional council set up the seven member committee on Dec 22, last year, to investigate the issues that led to the confinement and outdooring of two royals as the Okuapehene.
The other members of the committee were, Osabarima Asiedu Okoo Ababio, benkumhene of Akuapem and chief of larteh, Nana Opese Konadu, Awukuguahene and acting Nifahene of Akuapem, Odeefuor Oteng Koranchie, Twafohene of Akuapem and Berekusuhene, Okatakyie Kusi Obuadum Amoyaw, Aseseesohene, Nana Sakyi Amoako, Adawsohene and Osabarima Ansah Sasraku secretary to the committee and Kyidomhene of Akuapem and Mamfehene.
Source: GNA 

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