Ghanaians urged to exhibit patriotism by paying taxes

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in collaboration with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has carried out tax education within communities in the Krachi Nchumuru District to get citizens to honour their tax obligation for national development.

The engagements were done through community durbars, meetings with Faith Based Organization (FBOs), trade associations, local radio stations and community Information Centres throughout the Krachi Nchumuru District.

The aim was to get citizens to understand that payment of taxes is a civic duty and a legal requirement of citizens who earn income.

Speaking at one of such engagements at Bejamse, a community in the Krachi Nchumuru District, Mr. Abass Yussif, a Civic Education Officer, NCCE, Chinderi, called on Ghanaians who in one way or the other earn income to pay their taxes as a sign of patriotism.

He said citizens who paid their taxes were nation builders and for that matter all should endeavour to contribute towards the development of Ghana by honouring their tax obligations no matter how small.

He said revenues generated through taxes were used by government to execute the developmental agenda of the country and if citizens were reluctant to pay taxes that would make it difficult for government to prosecute its development agenda.

An alternative, he said, would be for government to continue to contract loans from other countries and the World Bank and the IMF to carry out developmental projects, which would not augur well for development.

He said the youth of Africa, including Ghana were always eager to travel to Europe and America to seek for jobs created by those continents through taxes.

He said if we paid our taxes, the government will use those taxes to develop the country and create jobs for the youth.

He encouraged all business owners to register with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to obtain Tax Identification numbers (TIN) to enable them pay their taxes and make staff of the GRA properly account for the taxes collected on behalf of government.

He encouraged tax payers to demand receipts after paying their taxes to GRA staff to minimize corruption.

Nana Obirimpong Kanya, the Paramount Chief of Bejamse, advised citizens to demand accountability from their government if they properly paid their taxes.

He said no government would be able to develop if citizens were unwilling to pay taxes.

He added that Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was able to build factories and other major projects in the country through taxes and advised that if Ghanaians wanted same to be done now, then they should pay their taxes.

The engagement was also carried out in communities like Banda, Borae, Zongo- Macheri and Korkorse.

Source: GNA

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