Specialist stresses need to boost immune system against diseases

A Public Health Specialist, Dr Raphael Adu-Gyamfi has advised the general public to boost their immune systems by eating enough fruits and vegetables to be able to fight the H1N1 and other diseases.

Dr Adu-Gyamfi mentioned physical activities, drinking more water, eating vegetables and fruits as some of the practices that could help to build the immune system to fight diseases.

One must also have enough rest to reduce stress and abstain from tobacco and alcohol consumption, he added. 

Dr Adu-Gyamfi gave the advice when educated people with hearing impairments on how to protect themselves and others from getting the H1N1 disease at the opening of the 2017 Church of Christ Deaf Ministries’ annual conference at Bechem in the Tano North District of Brong-Ahafo Region.  

Under the theme, “The Deaf Shall Know”, the four-day conference aimed at educating the hearing-impaired on the word of God, current issue, financial management’s, marital issues and training skills to help them develop both physically and spiritual.

Dr. Adu-Gyamfi observed that there was the need for all to work on improving health service delivery for the hearing impaired because of the anxiety and discomforting experience they have to go through at health facilities.

He appealed to the managements of health facilities to institute and implement measures that would not only enable, but make effort easier for the hearing-impaired to have access to quality health services. 

Dr. Adu-Gyamfi advised the general public not to see the HINI disease as a curse but must look out for early warning signs and seek medical treatment immediately at any qualified health centre.  

He stated that even though the disease was so dangerous and puts everyone at risk, seeking immediate medical care could help to prevent its spread and dangers associated with it. 

Dr. Adu-Gyamfi emphasised that “the H1N1 disease is not spread by food and is not acquired by eating pork or big products.

“Eating properly handled and cooked pig product is safe”, he said and advised the public to always protect their noses and mouth with a disposable tissues, clean handkerchiefs and use  upper sleeve when coughing or sneezing.

He urged all to help in the fight against the disease since the influenza primarily infected the respiratory tract and could cause severe illnesses leading to life threatening complications.

Dr. Adu-Gyamfi observed that pregnant women, children under five years and the aged were mostly at risk and therefore needed special attention to protect them from acquiring the disease. 

He asked participants to develop a preventive behaviour and not to panic since there was a vaccine for protection against the virus. 

Evangelist Patrick Cudjoe Mortey, Head Pastor of the Bechem Branch of the Church of Christ Deaf Ministry, advised parents not to hide their children with disabilities at home, but must educate and help them to develop their talents since they were equally important in contributing to the nation’s building.

Some of the participants during a focus group discussion expressed the view that they preferred herbal medication to the orthodox medication because of the negative attitude of some health workers, particularly nurses towards them at health facilities.

The participants mentioned communication barriers as their major challenge whenever they visited the health facilities and therefore stressed the need for the presence of well-trained sign language interpreters, especially at public health facilities.

Source: GNA

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