Ghanaian businesses urged to explore opportunities in Finland

Ms Sarah Laaru Mwaawaaru, a business analyst at the Finnish-African Society, has urged Ghanaian Small and Medium Enterprises to consider Finland as a partner country in their businesses activities. 

She said Finland’s track record of innovative technologies and smart solutions made it an attractive counterpart for Ghana.

“Ghana is in the race to not only diversify its rich economy but to also tap into its wealth of resources. With a growing middle-income population, there is a need for more Smart Solutions and sustainable trade partnerships,” Ms Mwaawaaru said.
Speaking to a cross-section of the Ghana media in Accra to promote Ghana-Finland Trade and Cultural Forum scheduled for March next year, Ms Mwaawaaru said Finland has a good record of innovative technologies and smart solutions in the globalization of the economy.
The Trade and Cultural Forum is designed to give both Finnish and Ghanaian small and medium sized companies (SMEs) a realistic view on the various opportunities available in one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, Ghana.
The forum, being organised in collaboration with Pew Events, will involve Business to Business meetings, Match-making opportunities, New Markets, Trade, Tourism and Services discussions with Finnish captains of industry, as well as industrial visits to very big companies.
Ms Mwaawaaru said the general idea was to tell the Captain of Ghanaian industry that they were more than welcome to do business and joint partnership with the Nordic countries, particularly Finland.
“Finland is a favourable market. Ghanaians have been pushing and asking for a diversified economy. It is about time we partner with countries that are ahead of us,” she said.
“So with the upcoming event what we hope to offer Ghanaian industries is not just another trip to Finland for this event but an opportunity to participate in the Finn- Partnership match-making,” she added.
Ms Mwaawaaru said registration with Finn-Partnership would afford the Ghanaian SMEs to join a network and the database and get the chance to be matched with potential companies and enjoy the benefits.
“When it comes to finding the right partners you have stakeholders that will ensure that they find you the right partners,” she said.
Ms Mwaawaaru said Ghana is a favoured country in Finland because it is trustworthy, has an established democracy, understand the ease of doing business and Finnish companies and would be willing to use it as a base for Africa.
Mr Wakefield Ackuaku, Business Development Manager Pew Events, said as many Ghanaian companies were encouraged to apply to participate in the forum and forge the right partnership for the growth of their businesses.

Source: GNA

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