Ghanaians told to be bold and go for HIV and AIDS test

The Sekyere East District has held at durbar at Seniagya to mark this year’s World AIDS Day with a call to everybody to be bold to go for voluntary test to know their status.

Mr. Oppong Ampratwum, the District Disease Control Officer, said this was vital to the fight to stop the spread of the infection.

He said although the national response to the infection had intensified, the situation were many of the infected persons were unaware of their status should not continue – needed to radically change.

“The right to health; know your HIV status, seek early treatment” was the theme chosen for event.

The programme was put together by the District Assembly, Professional Alert for Action Foundation, World Vision Ghana and the District Education Directorate.

Mr. Ampratwum advised the people to do away with reckless sex lives – keeping multiple sexual partners and unprotected sex.

He also spoke against stigmatization of those living with the infection and said that could only force them to go underground.

They should rather be encouraged and supported to go for treatment at the facilities and to take their anti-retroviral drugs.

Mr. Job Kusi, the District HIV/AIDS Coordinator, urged all to take steps to protect themselves from the infection.

He reminded married couples to be faithful to their partners and told the youth to focus on their books and refuse to engage in premarital sex adventure.

There was free HIV test and counselling for the people as part of the day’s celebration.

Source: GNA

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