Ghana Legal Council bans two lawyers for flouting rules of profession in KASAPA case

Owusu Juanah (left) Amoako (right)

The Ghana Legal Council has banned two lawyers from the same law firm for breaching the rules of the legal profession for a period of two years. The Council has withdrawn their licenses.

The two lawyers, Kwame Amoako and Charles Owusu Juanah belong to K-SAN Law firm where Juanah is the head. Both were found guilty of misconducts in cases involving KASAPA Ltd.

According to notices of the suspension published by the Council on its website Friday November 24, 2017, Kwame Amoako has been suspended from legal practice for a period of two years commencing from November 24, 2017. Charles Owusu Juanah’s suspension also takes effect from the same date and lasts for the same period.

According to the Council the two lawyers were charged with one count under Rule 9 (4) of the Legal Profession (Professional Conduct and Etiquette) Rules, 1969 L.I. 613 as follows:

Count 1: On Kwame Amoako the Council indicated that as a lawyer at K-SAN Law Firm, filed a Notice of Change of Solicitors and issued a writ on behalf KASAPA Ltd without due consent and instructions from the said KASAPA Ltd. He was further charged with a second count under Rule 5 (6) (a) (b) of the Legal Profession (Professional Conduct and Etiquette) Rules, 1969 L.I. 613.

Count 2: That he as a lawyer failed to seek the prior consent of the solicitor on record, Messrs Bentsi Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah before appearing on behalf of KASAPA Ltd in a pending case.

Lawyer Kwame was also charged with a third count under section 19 (3) of the Legal Profession Act 1960 (Act 32):

Count 3: That he, having been duly notified, failed to appear before the Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council on June 9, 2016.

“Lawyer Kwame Amoako was convicted on all three counts. He was suspended for a period of two years on Counts 1 and 2 and for a period of one year on Count 3. Both sentences run concurrently.

During the period of suspension, he shall not hold himself out as a Legal Practitioner or attend Chambers, or render, or purport to render any professional legal services to the public for a fee. He may not attend chambers at anytime during the period of his suspension.

The licence of Lawyer Kwame Amoako to practice for the next two years is hereby withdrawn forthwith,” the Council wrote.

The Council sanctioned Charles Owusu Juanah with the same words and under the same rules.

Incidentally the names of the two lawyers and their firm appeared as defendants in an Injunction Order granted to  KASAPA Ltd  against 13 defendants. The two lawyers appeared as defendants with Kofi Kludjeson and others.

See formal charges filed.

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