Breast cancer survivors urge to lead fight against the disease

Dr. Foster Amponsah-Manu, Head of the Surgical Department of the Koforidua Regional Hospital, has encouraged breast cancer survivors to take centre stage in the fight against the disease.

They should share their experience with other women to motivate them – give them the confidence to report early to the medical facilities for treatment.

He added that they needed to go the extra mile to aid their fellow women “to come forward for voluntary testing and early treatment of the breast cancer to save their lives”.

Dr Amponsah-Manu was addressing the third annual meeting of breast cancer survivors in Koforidua.

The annual gathering is used to create awareness and inspire hope in those suffering from the disease, to encourage them to accept various medical prescriptions for treatment of the cancer.

This year’s event was jointly supported by JEAD Foundation and the Bedtime Hotel.

It is estimated that in excess of 1,000 women die annually in Ghana from breast cancer and many of these deaths are due to late treatment.

Dr. Amponsah-Manu advised cancer survivors to undertake regular physical exercises to help keep them fit and healthy.

He additionally counseled women to eat more fruits, vegetables, reduce the intake of alcohol, oily and fatty food.

Mrs. Magdalene Abrokwa, Director of JEAD Foundation for Breast Cancer, called for women, diagnosed of the disease to seek medical treatment and to stop running to the prayer camps.

She said the situation where patients reported late to the hospitals, when things had worsened and their condition helpless, was unhelpful to the fight against the cancer.

Mrs. Judith Ellen Awuah-Darko, founder of the JEAD Breast Cancer Foundation, urged men to give strong support to women affected by the disease as they went through treatment.

Source: GNA

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