Ghana Customs Division warns taxpayers not to harm revenue collectors

The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Thursday reiterated that it is a serious offence for a tax payer to cause harm to customs revenue collectors.

Offenders, according to section 87 of the Revenue Administration Act 2016, (Act 915) are liable to a jail term of not less than 20 years.

Customs Revenue Officer (CRO) Samuel Foli of the Sunyani Collection made these known and advised tax payers to cooperate with revenue collectors and pay their taxes to avoid sanctions.

He was speaking at a tax education forum, on the theme “honouring tax obligations is a sign of good citizenship” in Sunyani.

It was organised by the Sunyani Collection for traders, businessmen and women, customs officers and security agencies.

CRO Foli explained that the Revenue Administration Act 2016 (Act 915) mandated revenue collectors to visit homes and work places to search persons when the Collection suspected any foul means in relation to tax.

But, he was quick to add that tax payers or suspects also had the right to request for the Identification Card of the custom officer.

Senior Revenue Officer (SRO) Evans Amenu of the Collection, advised prospective vehicle buyers to visit the collection to check the validity and authenticity of vehicles before payment.

He warned that any vehicle which had no genuine documents would be impounded and culprits would also be prosecuted.

Assistant Commissioner of Customs Seidu Yakubu, the Sector Commander of the Sunyani Collection, said the forum was necessary to sensitise tax payers on certain Acts of the Division.

This, he said, would enable tax payers to understand certain custom laws and encourage them to pay their taxes for the country to generate enough financial resources needed for national development.

The participants were taken through highlights of the Revenue Administration Act, Act 891, offences and sanctions, Temporary Vehicle Importation (TVI), detention and seizures, auction of goods and valuation of imported goods and vehicles.

Source: GNA

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