FDA destroys tons of unwholesome goods in Koforidua

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has destroyed three metric tons of unwholesome goods seized during the Christmas and Easter festivities.

The seized goods were expired and contaminated products being sold to the public.

The goods comprised food items, beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, baby foods and medicines seized from various shops across the region.

Mr Samuel Kwakye, the Regional Director of FDA, said with its mandate to regulate foods and drugs for the safety of the public, undertook the exercise during those festive periods as people often take advantage of such occasions and flood the markets with unwholesome goods.

He said some of the goods were expired and yet have been displayed on the shelves, others did not have expiry dates whiles others were found to be in high risk of contamination considering its long display on the sun and packing arrangement adding that such foods posed serious health risks to consumers.

The Regional Director said the destruction of the unwholesome  goods is on the strength of the Public Health Act 851, which mandates the FDA to enter premises and inspect goods for sale and if found to be bad, conduct a safe disposal to uphold the safety of the public.

Mr Kwakye said there is the need for the public to check the expiry dates on products before purchasing them because every expired product posed a health risk and urged parents to educate their children on such risks.

He said the FDA as part of its activities for the year would do a lot of sensitisation and education for the public to keep alert on what they buy, where they buy and what they consume.     

Source: GNA

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