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Rwanda fails to reciprocate visa deal from Ghana after two years

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Almost two years after Ghana has removed visa requirements for citizens of Rwanda that country has yet to reciprocate the deal, even though Ghana immediately implemented the decision granting Rwandan citizens travelling to Ghana free entry – they do not require a visa to enter Ghana. Ghanaians, however, are required to pay for visa on arrival, while Rwandans pay nothing at the borders in Ghana.

A Ghanaian, Kofi Yeboah, who travelled to Rwanda last week told ghanabusinessnews.com that he paid for visa at the airport in Kigali.

Ghana has similar visa waiver agreements with other African countries like Uganda, Zimbabwe and Kenya. Citizens from these countries do not need visas to enter Ghana, and Ghanaians can travel to these countries without visas – all they get are immigration entry stamps in their passports.

On November 22, 2015, the Honorary Consular of Ghana in Rwanda, Dennis Kerrera sent a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation indicating that;

“The Government of the Republic of Ghana, in a reciprocal act has waived the visa requirements for Rwandese travelling to Ghana.

Rwandese citizens will now go to Ghana visa free.”

The letter announcing the favour from Ghana

Two years after this gesture by the Ghana government, the Rwanda government is yet to reciprocate.

Efforts by ghanabusinessnews.com, to seek clarification on the matter in July 2016, revealed some confusion over the issue between the two countries, despite assurances from the Honorary Consular that Rwanda would reciprocate the gesture.

Ghanaians like all other Africans can enter Rwanda without having to apply for visa prior to the visit, but are required to acquire and pay for visa at the borders.

Meanwhile, Ghana has also gone further to implement a visa on arrival system to all member countries of the African Union, in addition to being the first African country to be ready to process the African passport following the launch of the AU passport in July 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda at the 27th Summit of the African Union.

The question still remains, if the gesture by Ghana was reciprocal, why is Rwanda not returning the favour?

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi
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  1. why can’t we Ghanaians also have visa free to other African countries like they do?