Ghana Standards Authority shifts attention on transport measurements

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA)has observed World Metrology Day as it looks to stimulate public discourse on measurement issues in the transport sector.

This year’s theme was: “Measurement for transport” and seek to create public awareness on the relevance of having access to safe and reliable transport system to stimulate economic activities and growth.

Executive Director of GSA, Mr Frank Kofi Nagetey,told stakeholders at the on Friday that safe and reliable transport was an important factor in creating an enabling environment for successful modern society.

“While there is a need for new and improved means of transport in the world, “it is important that all available transport systems meet the increasing standard requirements for economic and environmental performances, thus from safety and economy to emission.”

The desires of people and different markets keep growing for accessible and efficient transport, he noted, and so there was expanded demand for measurement that underpin accuracy in transportation systems.

He said the demands of the people would have to be met by introducing new technologies needed.

“Without measurement, it will be impossible to attain our desired progress in life in the various parts of the economy, including the transport sector,” he said.

Most demanding measurement standards that are reinforced by the work of national metrology bodies cover accuracy and rapidity in weighing shipping containers to ensure safe loading of container ships.

There is also characterization of low friction surface and aerodynamic shapes of aircraft to minimise fuel consumption and validation measurement of chemical composition of vehicle emission to support regulators and city authorities in controlling pollution level.

In a speech read on his behalf, Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Alan Kyeremanteng, recognised problems associated with manufacturing products and services.

“Quality of life enjoyed in any part of the world is greatly dependent on accurate measurements”, h eadded.
He said government placed great premium on the role of measurement standards in national development and would continue to involve GSA in assisting the Ministry in formulating and implementing polices.

Source: GNA

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