Minister calls on workers to be committed to duty

Mr Rockson Ayine Bukari, the Upper East Regional Minister, has called on workers to eschew all forms of attitudes that would hinder the progress of the nation.

He said “let us rededicate ourselves to punctuality and commitment to work and eschew negative tendencies such as lateness, absenteeism, alcoholism and disrespect for authority.”

The Minister said technical and professional expertise were required to build a healthy nation, which would increase productivity and reflect in descent salaries and wages to cater for one’s basic needs and support to realize dreams.
Mr Bukari made the call when he addressed the May Day parade in Bolgatanga on the theme: “Ghana at 60: Mobilising for Ghana’s Future through the Creation of Decent Jobs.”

He said even though workers all over the world strived to improve on their personal well-being and growth of their economies, many were engaged in menial jobs, and observed that “many receive wages that could better be described as slave wage.”

The Minister noted that many youths were jobless and were compelled to do things that ordinarily their conscience would not allow them to do and said the flagship programme in agriculture, “planting for food and more jobs” was one of the long term interventions aimed at creating jobs and putting quality food on tables.

The Minister said the initiative would provide raw materials for industrialization particularly in northern Ghana, and also promote the production of crops such as maize, soya beans and cowpea.

According to the Minister, fertilizer would be subsidized by 50 per cent and seeds would be provided, “Indeed where it is established that farmers cannot buy off the fertilizer and seed even at a subsidized price, an arrangement with the farmers will be made. They will pay for 50 per cent of the subsidized price and pay back after harvest.”  

Mr Bukari said salaries of public sector workers were unable to cater for their individual needs and families, “it is often said that pay day is a sad day for the Ghanaian worker. This is basically because of the numerous advance commitments to the salary with little left.”

Mr Abass Ketigwie Beacher, the Bolgatanga Municipal Coordinating Director said there was a need for attitudinal change particularly with regards to work, and urged workers to make efforts to avoid waste.

He said when workers made efforts to avoid waste; it benefits government, since productivity in the public service was perceived as the ability of institutions to use public resources without wastage, and entreated the workers to use their talents in their various work places.

“As workers, if we do not use all our skills and talents in our work places, then we are not developing fully,” He added.

Source: GNA

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