Police advised to avoid unethical practices

The Akim Oda Divisional Command has celebrated the annual West African Security Services Association (WASSA), during which they were advised to shun unethical policing practices. 
The Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Alex Amenyo advised the Police to avoid brutality during arrest, detention and interrogation as well as arrogance and hostility when dealing with public to boost public confidence in them.
The WASSA is celebrated annually by security agencies to mark the veterans return from the war field who were feted by the colonial masters.
ACP Amenyo said the Division recorded 3,635 criminal cases in 2015 as against 2,439 in 2016 showing a decrease of 30 per cent.
The criminal cases include rape, defilement and assault. 
From the Annual Motor Accidents Report, the Division recorded 146 accidents in 2015 and 147 in 2016. 
He said the sensitisation programmes had helped to reduce road accidents and drug abuse within the first quarter of this year. 
Source: GNA
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