BOST,TOR educate journalists on operations

The Workers Unions of Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) and Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST) have schooled journalists on the operations of the two strategic state institutions.

The two workers union also exposed journalists to technical operations of TOR and BOST whilst debunking some negative media reportage chunked out by some journalists as results of misunderstandings of practical operations of the two companies.

Mr John Elton Botwey, Chairman of the General Transport, Petroleum and Chemical Workers Union (GTPCWU) at TOR, flanked by Mr Abdul Rahman, Chairman of BOST Senior Staff Union and Mr Bernard Owusu, National Chairman of the GTPCWU took turns to educate the journalists on the Profit Sharing Policy of the two Companies.

Other issues are: BOST/TOR Profitability Strategy, TOR Production Capacity, TOR/BOST performance under deregulation, and Fuel Security under Mr Kwame Awuah Darko’s leadership of TOR/BOST.

Mr Botwey noted that fuel security under the current leadership of Mr Awuah Darko has improved with consistent fuel supply for the past 30 months leading to Government effectively controlling the supply side of the market forces under deregulation “No more emergency cargoes by the Bulk Distribution Companies (BDCs).

TOR’s production has been also boosted from 28,000 barrels per day to 45,000 barrels per day and progressively moving towards 60,000 targets with the commercialization of the F61 facility.

The TOR and BOST Unions said as a result of the synergy between two entities “there is about $100 million cut in importation of finished petroleum products for each month”.

Mr Botwey also explained that BOST and TOR saved the country about $1.1 billion under 12 months of deregulating fuel price which would have gone into just consumption of fuel as subsidy.

Mr Rahman noted that the TOR/BOST Profit Sharing Policy was management motivational mechanism whip-up workers to give out their maximum and also to retain best hands in the two companies.

He said the Board of Directors through the management share friction of the profit of the companies with staffs across board; “it has worked like magic, moral is very high hence our ability to hit production targets”.

The two Unions also used the occasion to debunk negative reportage in a section of the media describing such publications as “mercenary journalism targeting at destroying the reputation of the Managing Director and the two companies for political gains.

“Ghana and workers will be the losers at the end of the propagandist media attack of the BOST and TOR, hence workers joining forces to defend the national strategic assets”.

Mr Owusu appealed to media practitioners to uphold the tenets of the profession – objectivity and cross check documents before publication.

Source: GNA

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