Mexican business delegation explore investment opportunities

InvestmentPROMEXICO, a Mexican Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, has undertaken the first Mexican business mission to Ghana to establish and deepen bilateral trade and investment relations.

The delegation, led by Mr Francisco Gonzalez Diaz, Director-General PROMEXICO, which is made up of eight prominent business officials from sectors such as construction, infrastructure, services, farming, agro food industry and pharmaceutical.

The objective was to present Mexican business to the Ghanaian business community to establish bilateral relations to explore business opportunities for trade investment.

Addressing a gathering in Accra, Ms Maria de los Angeles, Mexico’s Ambassador, said Mexico has confirmed the enormous opportunities that her country and Ghana have to strengthen their presence in multiple fields, and particularly on the economic ground.

She said Ghana has not only been the first African country with which Mexico established diplomatic relations, but also the first country where it opened an embassy on the continent.

“Even though both countries closed their Embassies more than 30 years ago, our relation has always remained strong in the multilateral field,” she said.
“After just few months of our presence again in Ghana, we have been able to rediscover and tighten our positive links. Mexico is aware of the importance of Ghana in West Africa, therefore, we have taken strong steps every day to get closer relations between our two countries”, she added.

She said Mexico and Ghana share economic policies and principles such as open markets and economies, with free trade agreements and regional integration.

“All these similarities, together with common geo-strategic position, solid and democratic institutions, call both countries to turn into strategic economic partners as ideal platforms to increase and widen their respective economic presence in both sides of the Atlantic: Mexico in Africa, through Ghana, and Ghana in the Americas, through Mexico.

Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Minister of Trade and Industry, expressed gratitude to the entrepreneurs for their bold initiative to invest in Ghana, and assured them of the security of their investments and their persons.
Dr Spio-Garbrah called for strengthened bilateral relations and the people of Mexico and urged them to invest in the tourism sector since Ghanaians love to watch Mexican telenovelas.

Mr Diaz expressed the hope that the relationship would be a booster for economic development between the two countries.

Source: GNA

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