IMF team studies Ghana National Single Window System

The IMF Team
The IMF Team

A team from the International Monetary Fund (‎IMF) has paid a visit to the Customs Technical Services Bureau to learn more about the Ghana National Single Window since the introduction of the Pre-Arrival Assessment Reporting System (PAARS).

The PAARS system is an integrated and shared risk platform that would help overcome the inefficiencies in the current regime, including duplications, as a result of non-integrated systems, lack of real time notifications to declarants and manual document processing of import transactions.

The delegation, led by the Chief of Mission, Mr Joel Toujas Bernate, met with the team of Customs Officers and their technical partners, West Blue Consulting.

The visit, which formed part of the IMF’s annual visit to Ghana, was aimed at reviewing the latest developments in trade facilitation.

The Ghana Revenue Authority took over the processing of the Customs Classification and Valuation Report (CCRV) from the destination companies in September 2015.

The CCRV replaced the destination inspection report also known as the Final Classification and Valuation Report (FCVR).

Briefing the IMF team, the Chief Revenue Officer of Customs, Julius Kantum, said the Pre-Arrival Assessment Reporting System had brought about the reduction in time and the cost of doing business in Ghana.

He said it took, on the average, about 48 hours for traders to receive their reports if they provided correct import declaration forms information.

The IMF team was also briefed by Customs Technical Partner- West Blue Consulting about the vision and objectives of the Ghana National Single Window and its advantages once achieved.

Source: GNA

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