Ghana government pleased with Transparency International

Corruption2Mr Kenneth Gilbert Adjei, Deputy Minister of Defence says Government is pleased to see Ghana Integrity Initiative, the local chapter of Transparency International, demonstrating genuine commitment towards democracy and accountability.

He said he expects other civil society organisations to make the same obligation.

He said Ghana has a vibrant multi-party democracy, committed to the rule of law with a vibrant civil society, a free press and an actively engaged Parliament.

Mr Adjei was speaking at the opening of day’s Workshop on Transparency International Leadership on the Defence and Security Sector in Accra on Tuesday.

The workshop brought together former Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs, Members of Parliament, the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) and Ghana Police Service High Command.

He said Ghana has had a long and mutually beneficial relationship with some useful work with its Defence and Security Programme.

The Deputy Minister recalled that as recently as January this year, Transparency International’s Africa Index, was launched in Accra in recognition of Ghana’s commitment to the agenda.

He said among countries in Africa, Ghana is in the top bracket-in terms of efforts to promote Transparency in the Defence and Security Sector.

Mr Adjei revealed that Government takes the subject very serious as evidenced by on-going initiatives to strengthen evaluation and monitoring systems and procedures within the GAF.

He said Government is pleased that participants at the workshop would get the excellent opportunity to explore the ways and means to advance the process and strengthen their oversight capabilities.

Sir Steward Eldon, Senior Adviser at Transparency International said Ghana’s relationship with his outfit is very valuable and must be strengthen.

He lauded Ghana as one of the countries that does very well in the area of transparency and accountability at the highest level, especially in the Defence and Security Sector.

Sir Eldon expressed the hope that the Leadership Day Workshop would promote broader deliberations among the sector players to enhance transparency and accountability in the country.

Source: GNA

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