GJA launches 21st awards competition

Affail Monney - GJA President
Affail Monney – GJA President

The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) has launched its 21st media awards, inviting entries from its members.

The awards which will take place on August 20, 2016 is themed “Media for Undisputed and Peaceful 2016 Election: the Support of Civil Society.”

“The theme has been chosen in acknowledgement of the need for strong collaboration between the media and civil society, to promote a rational and credible coverage of the election,” the GJA President Roland Affail Monney said.

The theme, he said, was also to draw attention and heighten awareness as Ghana goes to the polls in November, of instances in Africa where recklessness from the media has led to bloodbath.

“We don’t want that to happen here,” he said.

Mr Affail Monney announced that the GJA has decided for the 21st awards, that contestants may submit entries for a maximum of two categories; and a maximum of two entries in each.

The reason is to encourage specialization and to avoid the temptation that those who win more awards are the most obvious choice for the Journalist of the Year award or the Most Promising Young Journalist award, both for which nominations by media professionals and the public are crucial.

“We wish to appeal to members of the public and media professionals to participate much more vigorously than they have done in the past, by nominating their choice persons they believe are eligible to be the Journalist of the Year and the Most Promising Journalist.”

GJA members and the general public can nominate persons for the two awards, giving reasons in not more than 120 words and submitting the nomination in a sealed envelope to the chairperson of the awards committee by 5:00 pm on May 16, at the Ghana International Press Centre.

Alternatively nominations can be mailed to the Chairperson of the GJA Awards Committee, through the Ghana Journalists Association, P. O. Box GP 4636 – Accra.

Members are expected to submit works published or broadcast in 2015.

By Emmanuel Odonkor

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