All domestic debit cards to bear gh-link logo – GhIPSS

GHLinkAs part of efforts to inform the public about the wide access that gh-link provides for bank customers all domestic cards being issued by the banks are now expected to bear the gh-link logo.

Domestic cards are those issued locally and do not carry the brand name of any of the foreign payment cards but carry only the name of the issuing bank.

However, all new domestic cards would now have the gh-link logo indicating that such cards can be used in every Automated Teller Machine (ATM) bearing the gh-link logo.

Speaking in an interview with the GNA, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) Mr. Archie Hesse, said as a result of the wide network of gh-link, holders of domestic cards could use the ATMs of every bank including savings and loans and rural banks.

Mr. Hesse explained that while the old domestic cards did not have the gh-link logo, all the new ones being issued were expected to bear the logo.

These domestic cards, the GhIPSS boss explained, could also be used to make payment on the hybrid Point of Sales terminals that can be found in major shopping outlets.

He said the charges on the domestic cards were cheaper and urged the public to demand domestic cards from their bankers and reduce their ATM transaction cost.

“There is no point in keeping a foreign branded card and be paying huge cost. When you are not a frequent traveller, you are better off with a domestic card, which is cheaper and gives you more access,” he emphasised.

Gh-link is one of the initiatives of Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS), set up by the Bank of Ghana to promote electronic payments.

Gh-link enables interoperability among financial institutions, which has made it possible for bank customers to use their cards in the ATMs of other banks.

Currently, with the gh-link, all domestic cards can work in every ATM outlet in Ghana, providing more access than any of the foreign branded cards.

Although gh-link has been around for a couple of years, some bank customers do not know that with their domestic card, they can access every ATM in Ghana.

GhIPSS with the banks, has therefore decided to print the gh-link logo on all domestic cards, for easy identification so that the public can easily know that they are no longer restricted to the ATM of their banks but can use the card on any ATM with the logo.

Source: GNA

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