President Mahama gives rationale for re-spraying, rebranding buses, says company arranging to pay refund

metro-mass-mahama-busPresident John Mahama today gave the rationale for spraying and rebranding of 116 buses that caused the country GH¢3.6 million, approximately $1 million.

News about the deal caused public outcry compelling the Chief of Staff to instruct the Attorney General to investigate the deal.

President Mahama speaking at a press conference at the Flagstaff House Tuesday January 12, 2016 to mark his third year in office, said, “the project involved re-spraying of the buses. The buses came in a dark orange colour, and the justification that was given was to differentiate them from the City Express buses that work outside the urban centres, because these were being brought in as urban buses,” he said.

He added that the buses were re-sprayed in four colours before the stickers bearing the images of the country’s presidents past and present were pasted on them.

President explained that the Attorney General in determining the cost of the re-spraying and rebranding, contacted some bus companies and asked them how much it would have cost to do the job as specified on these buses.

“They gave her a figure and based on that figure and extrapolation, she determined that there has been some excess payment, and the company has been asked to refund the excess payment,” he said.

The company, Smartty’s Production was asked to refund GH¢1.9 million which was the excess payment that it was paid.

The President revealed that the company’s lawyers have met with the Attorney General recently, to agree on a payment plan to refund the excess payment.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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