Simpson-Kent, wanted in UK for Sian Blake’s suspected murder remanded in BNI custody

Arthur Sampson-Kent - After he was arrested in Ghana
Arthur Sampson-Kent – After he was arrested in Ghana

Arthur Simpson-Kent, a British national accused of murdering his girlfriend and two children has been remanded into the custody of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) by the Kaneshie District Magistrate Court.

Simpson-Kent, who is being held for three counts of provisional charges of murder, has his plea reserved.

He is alleged to have fled to Ghana after murdering his girlfriend, Sian Blake, 43, and his two children Zachary; eight, and Amon; four and buried them behind their apartment in Erith in UK.

Kent whose appearance in court attracted the foreign media is expected to reappear on January 26 before the court presided over by Ms Rosemond Dodua Agyiri Sampson.

The court had ordered prosecution to provide defence counsel with all relevant documents pertaining to the trial. It further ordered that he should be provided with the necessary facilities at the BNI.

When the court earlier, asked Sampson-Kent whether he was comfortable at the BNI custody he responded positively.

Trial judge asked:” Do you have access to spring water, iced water, and air condition,” accused person:  “Yes.”

Defence Counsel, Mr Justice K. Srem- Sai argued that the proper procedure relating to the law on extradition should be followed by the state.

Mr Srem –Sai argued further that if a look is taken to what the state had done in relation to accused person’s arrest then he should be released.

He contended that there was no arrest warrant to apprehend the accused and he had not been given access to his counsel since his arrest.

Mr Srem-Sai said denying accused person of his right to counsel amounted to a breach of his fundamental human rights enshrined in the constitution.

“No reference has been made to any arrest warrant when prosecution presented the facts of the matter to court. In an instance where there is no arrest warrant the court ought to discharge him,” he added.

Defence counsel contended that after being contracted by a law firm in the United Kingdom, he had not had access to him before coming to court.

Mr Srem-Sai said his encounter with Sampson-Kent was in court this morning and prayed the court to stand down the case so he could have  a conference with him before his plea was taken.

Referring to the law on extradition, defence counsel argued that the law had been violated by the security agencies and the Attorney General.

Defence Counsel recounted that before extradition take place; Ghana’s Ministry of the Interior ought to receive instructions from the UK authorities and an arrest warrant issued.“We are not aware of any arrest warrant,” Mr Srem-Sai told the court.

Mrs Rebecca Adjalo, Principal State Attorney, mentioned that the state is carrying out its work in relation to UK authorities and the International Police.

Mrs Adjalo  prayed the court to remand him into lawful custody to enhance coordination between Ghana’s Security agencies and their counter parts in the UK.

She said on January 7, the police received a request from the National Crime Agency through International Police Organisation and the British High Commission to assist in the arrest of the accused person who had fled the UK.

Following the request, Mrs Adjalo said a team of detectives were dispatched to hunt for Sampson–Kent in the Western Region.

She said Police Intelligence led to the arrest of Sampson-Kent at Butre, near Busua.

Source: GNA

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