Reinstate sacked adb workers – Tema District Council of Labour

ADB1The Tema District Council of Labour (TDCL) has asked the management of Agricultural Development Bank (adb) to reinstate all interdicted and wrongfully dismissed workers and union leaders unconditionally.

A statement signed by the Chairman Mr Wilson Agana and Mr Ebenezer Taylor, the Secretary, said “ we will be happy if the issue is resolved within the shortest possible time, at least one month to avert any industrial unrest.”

“The wrongfully dismissed adb staff had not breached any of the Bank’s policies and procedures that must warrant their dismissal. This is just a ploy being used by the adb Chief Executive and Management to cover their unlawful activities”.

The statement said, “The workers of adb were just protecting the national asset, their job security and the future for the unborn generation. So, is that their crime?”

It said the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer and its Management “adopted strategies which included issuing queries to over 400 adb employees, arbitral interdictions and the wrongful dismissal of ten (10) employees for the simple reason that the adb workers were protecting the Bank from the Initial Public Offer (IPO) and the wrongful sale of the adb and other nefarious and dubious activities by the Management of the adb”

The TDCL accused the bank’s management of “instituting practices of victimization, various acts of unfair labour practices to cow and silence the rest of the workers by forming Management favoured Enterprise Based Union and even threatening the adb workers to cease their membership with UNICOF or face the necessary consequences.

“Even the Chief Executive Officer and the Management of adb have stopped paying the union dues deducted from the worker’s salaries to UNICOF just to starve the national union of funds and weaken them in fighting to protect the adb workers.”

The TDCL called on the “Minister of Employment and Labour Relations and the Secretary General of TUC to liaise with the Chief of Staff to intervene in this issue for the unconditional reinstatement of the wrongfully dismissed and interdicted adb staff in the interest of harmonious industrial peace.”

The Bank did not comment on the issue.

Source: GNA

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