Mr. O to launch maiden gospel album

 Augustine Asare, also known as Mr O
Augustine Asare, also known as Mr O

Young, gifted and hopeful Augustine Asare, also known as Mr O, is a gospel musician and a member of the Kingdom Sake Ministry. He is on the brink of launching his maiden album, “Grace Explosion”.

As the name suggests, the 10-track album, Grace Explosion, set to be launched in January 2016, revolves around the theme of God’s grace and goodness, drawing on some of the experiences of the young musician.

The gospel tracks on the album employ a variety of styles and rhythms such as reggae and highlife.

In an era where music is not very lucrative and where pirates make their living off the music of hardworking but frustrated young talents who are struggling to break through on their own, attempting to launch an album is a bit of a daring feat.

What could be Augustine’s motivation for a venture that is increasingly becoming costly instead of being profitable?

He wants more people to be inspired and be blessed by his music as some have already been, from the positive responses to the music that he writes based on his experiences.

“I am not really in for the money. I want to encourage and inspire people. I know the challenges out there and money is not the main objective; it is a secondary issue for me,” he said in an exclusive interview with

One of the inspiring experiences was a time in which he made a promise to God in desperation while waiting for an answer to a personal prayer, only to find that while he could not keep his word entirely, God exceeded his expectations!

Another experience of Augustine was having to live close to a famed fetish priest who was even terrifying to some in the community by little doing of his own, with the prospect of having to cross the territory of the fetish priest often.

But as Augustine says, “If God is a king, then I am a prince; and I don’t think a prince will be going somewhere without any bodyguards following him around.”

The fetish priest inspired one of the songs on the album, Ohene Ba (prince).

Other tracks on the album are “Unchangeable”, “I will follow you”, “Nyame aye bi” and “Kae me”

For a start, Grace Explosion would be available at Freddie’s Corner in Accra, Challenge Bookshop and the Christian Music Shop.

By Emmanuel Odonkor

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