Dutch vegetable companies explore investment opportunities in Ghana

vegetablesA number of Dutch leading vegetable companies are in the country to explore investment and trade opportunities in the vegetable sector.

The companies include Amatrex, Frugiventa, Kramer, Unitherm and Bejo Seeds.

Speaking during the ninth GhanaVeg Business Platform meeting, a platform for players in the vegetable value chain to meet, network and promote the sector’s growth, Mr Andre Dekker of Bejo Seeds expressed optimism about the Ghanaian horticulture sector.

The meeting was on the theme: “Ghana and the Netherlands: Growing Together”

Mr Dekker said whilst in the country, the companies visited a group of carrot farmers in Mampong, where they currently produce 10 tonnes per hectare but could easily increase yields up to 40 tonnes with better seeds from some of the visiting companies, good seedbed preparation and planting with machines.

He said three of the companies: Bejo Seeds, Kramer and Amatrex, are planning to start a number of demonstrations and training with Ghanaian farmers in the Ashanti and Volta regions.

Mr Joep Van den Broek, GhanaVeg Programme Leader, explained that Ghana has a lot to offer in terms of opportunities for domestic production and exports of vegetables, while the Netherlands could contribute much through its knowledge and technology for intensive horticulture.

GhanaVeg believes that Ghana has the potential to drastically reduce vegetable import and increase exports, and the current problems with phytosanitary notifications were on the top of the agenda.

“Together with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Association of vegetable exporters, we are working on quick solutions,” he added.

Mr Broek said GhanaVeg contributes by supporting frontrunner companies with agronomic training and co-financing support for establishing certification and out grower scheme.

Mr Samuel Asante-Mensah, the President, Ghana Institute of Horticulturists, called on GhanaVeg, the organisers of the event, to encourage vegetable producers to grow more for increased consumption of vegetables.

More than 100 Ghanaian vegetable companies attended the business platform, where presentations were made on new business opportunities in the field of private extension and vegetable exports.

Source: GNA



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